Military-Grade Security Features Built For Enterprise
HiredScore, a SOC 2 Type II compliant vendor, keeps Privacy, Security and Compliance as a company priority. Ongoing team trainings and a series of enforcing mechanisms coupled with a comprehensive alerting and anomaly detection system ensures that HiredScore’s Data and Infrastructure are protected under the highest standards at all times

Data Segregation

Data is stored on a segregated database with restricted access, allowing for the highest data availability and ensuring no impact between client systems.

Software Development Life Cycle

HiredScore utilizes a modern Development Life Cycle driving full monitoring and impact assessment of any code change before allowing push to production environments. This includes downstream effects of software changes to ensure that HiredScore’s code changes will not negatively impact any other client systems.

Third Party Disclosure

HiredScore only works with Third Party Service providers that are chosen after a strict review and to be in compliance with HiredScore policies and processes as well as Country-Specific Regulations. HiredScore does not sell or trade customer information to third parties and strictly follows all confidentiality requirements of Client data.

Data Locality

The location of HiredScore’s physical data storage sites is always inside US borders. Any data that leaves HiredScore’s secure network is first fully anonymized and stripped of any characteristics that could allow for the identification of any individual or customer.


All client data is encrypted at rest and in motion and the transfer of data is done using secure protocols, such as TLS, SFTP or SSH. Only industry standard tools are used for encryption, including SHA-256 for hashing and AES-128 for encryption.

Vulnerability Scanning

HiredScore uses state-of-the-art vulnerability scans and penetration tests to ensure continuous system stability and military-grade security. HiredScore works with several external auditors and security teams to test its network and infrastructure ensuring its security and availability.

GDPR Compliance

HiredScore has successfully completed a comprehensive review of all system and company processes to ensure compliance with all GDPR requirements as of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect on May 25, 2018. HiredScore’s global compliance team stays up-to-date with new regulations in Data Privacy and HR Practice.

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