Senior Frontend Developer

Tel-Aviv, Israel


HiredScore's mission is to bring data science into the Human Resources domain.
We are looking for a senior experienced front-end engineer, who is really into the ins and outs of the frontend world. Someone that understands the importance of the frontend code quality and structure but also cares deeply about the end result to the pixel.

You Are:

  • An experienced Frontend Engineer with full Stack knowhow (5+ years as dev, last 3+ focused on front end)
  • You built things that work well and understand the complexities from top to bottom
  • Got that eye for visual design and always after that pixel-perfect look but also understand the right ways to communicate with product and find the best compromise
  • Love tech, working with smart people and solving complex problems
  • Get things done!

Your Skill Set:

  • Expert level at modern Javascript
  • Well familiar with the in and outs of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience with modern JS MV* frameworks (AngularJS - preferred, Ember.JS, React, etc)
  • Creating software with quality built in (SOLID, Tests, Separation of Concerns etc.)
  • Experience with backend web frameworks (ExpressJS, Koa, RoR, Django etc..)

Your Responsibilities:

  • Work with product team to design and implement system requirements
  • Own and improve the Front End code base and web infra(Angular.js)
  • Implement features end-to-end with focus on the FrontEnd complexities
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