Artificial Intelligence

HiredScore’s Best-in-class Artificial Intelligence for Global Talent Acquisition

HiredScore’s proprietary AI for talent acquisition powers global hiring across the Fortune 500 with customized-by-client algorithms for compliant candidate prioritization and sourcing automation across talent types - external, internal, active, passive, hourly and contingent labor.

HiredScore’s AI for hiring is powered by proprietary and in-house data science and machine learning techniques that proactively mitigate bias and understand cross-industry job and candidate types.

Our AI is built for, trained on, and powered by Talent Acquisition data:
Job Posts
Career Trees

Deep Learning Global Resume Parser

Proprietary Job Parser

Proactive Bias Prevention, Testing, And Auditable Decisions

Continual Learning And Improvements

Maximize recruiter efficiency and effectiveness by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence built for recruiting, driven by your data.

Preview the AI solution that the most respected companies are using to gain a competitive edge in the future of work