What is HiredScore?

Instant Candidate Scoring

Recruiters can pinpoint the most qualified candidates the moment they apply. Leveraging big data and predictive analytics, we help you find your best candidates more quickly and reduce cost per hire.

Adaptive Learning

Our ‘always learning’ brain keeps grades up-to-date by monitoring and incorporating recruiter actions, evolving business needs, and broader job market trends.

Easy & Smart Reporting

Provides accurate, real-time data visualization to share recruiting insights with co-workers, quickly communicate req dynamics to team members, and monitor the impact of marketing strategies.

How does HiredScore work?

We start with Recruiting Data and process it with Public Data

Data insights leverage our proprietary jobs and candidate understanding

Automatically create custom recruiting algorithms for your company

Algorithms instantly deliver the highest priority candidates to your recruiters

How can we help your company?

Data-Driven Talent Aquisition

Our easy-to-use and beautifully designed technology provides a friction-less, immediate, and no-training-required way of incorporating vast amounts of public, enterprise and candidate data into existing recruiting processes.

Impacting Core Metrics

Remove hiring bias and incorporate vast amounts of public, enterprise and candidate data into existing recruitment processes with our remarkably easy-to-use technology.

Seamlessly Integrated with your ATS and HRIS Systems

Our partnerships and integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems provide a seamless big data tool that causes zero disruption and minimal work for IT, HRIS, and Recruiters in order to launch and use HiredScore’s technology.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch with one of our sales reps to request a demo or ask a question about HiredScore